Fame was a production put on by Victoria University Secondary College, with a live band and packed theater. We were able to capture some excellent vocals and performances through the sound stage, I was able to mix the audio separately to the video to get the best out of the recording. It was built for DVD and Blu-Ray.
This is a small segment I did for "The Silic & Lee Show" on Channel 31. Josh came to me with lots of footage and asked me to make something of it. This is what I came up with.
It was on the Australia Day International Special.
Every year since 2010, I have been the Videographer and Graphic Designer for the Deb / Presentation Ball at VUSC. It started as the first freelance job I did, with the school and students happy with the quality it kept on going every year since. The video started on DVD and in the more recent years both DVD and Blu-Ray. Included was all the advertisment for the school, the table guides and over 300 tickets that went out each year.
Piano Jungle was my major project for the Advanced Diploma of Interactive Media.
It is an interactive Piano game. The project was meant to be a challenge, I took it on using almost everything I learned in the course. The game is online it has 3D animals playing instruments, interactive 'Flash .swf' Piano with 3D rendered hammers, and can be played with a 'midi' piano, all it takes is some file installing and off you go. If you don’t have a midi piano you can still play the game with the computer keyboard or the keyboard mouse.
It was a finalist in the 2009 16th Annual AIMIA awards for Best Student Project.
The Yashi Rally is an event held every year by the Croatian Riders Network to raise money for charity, in 2014 to help the victims of the Croatian Floods.
We where invited to take Video and Photos of the event to create a commemorative DVD/ Blu-Ray for the riders. It was an awesome event with lots of challenges to overcome. Everyone started in Federation Square and a full day ride around the bay catching a ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento and back to the city.